A region in south-western Finland, called Pohjois-Sa-
takunta, including Merikarvia Parish at the shores of
Bay of Bothnia, has in the past experienced a large-
scale emigration to Canada, the United States, Austral-
ia, and Sweden. In many cases, the descendants of the
emigrants have lost track of their kin in Finland.
The ever increasing use of social media and English as
lingua franca worldwide has created interest among
descendants of Finnish immigrants to search for their
roots in Finland and contact their kin.
The objective of the Merikarvia Seura association is to
assist these descendants of Finnish emigrants in their
search. The objective is to collect historical informa-
tion and stories about the emigrants and create a data
bank and a web exhibition for both Finnish and foreign
partners to use in the future.

Päivitetty 28.1.2017